How to Charge a Hybrid Car

Honda Plug-In Hybrid

As you make the switch to a more fuel-efficient ride for your Broomfield and Louisville commute, you’ll need to know how to charge a hybrid car. Since hybrid vehicles sport an electric motor and other greener technology, charging a hybrid car battery will ensure you have the mileage you need to keep moving no matter if you’re around town or far from home. Learn more about how to charge a hybrid car battery with the help of the automotive experts at Fisher Honda today!

Charging a Hybrid Car Battery: Hybrid vs. Plug-in Hybrid vs. Electric

Charging a hybrid car battery can vary slightly depending on which type of which you sport on Longmont streets. There are distinct differences in the way you’ll recharge a standard hybrid, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), or an electric vehicle (EV). Choosing which model and charging style also will depend on your driving preferences as well as how long or how far you typically drive. See the breakdown of how to charge a hybrid car battery for each below:

  • Standard Hybrids: If you remember when hybrids first started becoming popular, this is the type of car you’re thinking of. Standard hybrid cars use an electric motor in conjunction with an internal combustion engine. Charging a hybrid car battery in a standard hybrid is simple and requires no change to your daily routine: the battery self-charges as you drive around Boulder!
  • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles: The PHEV segment has seen immense growth in recent years. Like the standard hybrid, it uses both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. Unlike a standard hybrid, a PHEV can run solely on electric power for a certain number of miles (known as the electric range). This also means that a PHEV cannot self-charge; you will need to plug it into an external power source at a public charging station, a 120-volt household outlet, or a fast-charging home station.
  • Electric Vehicle: EVs technically stand on their own in a separate segment than hybrids and PHEVs. They have no gas engine, only an electric motor. Similar to a PHEV, an EV must be plugged into an external power source to charge the battery.

How to Charge a Plug-In Hybrid Car Battery: Three Methods

The PHEV segment is becoming very popular because you can not only save money on fuel but also benefit from full electric power with the benefit of a gas engine to keep you going during longer trips. When you sport one of these models, you’ll have the added convenience of various charging methods to ensure you are never out of a way to get back on the road from one destination to another. Take a closer look at the different charging options for plug-in hybrids:

  • Portable charging: Your PHEV will come standard-equipped with a portable charging cord, which should be compatible with any household-style 120-volt outlet. These are convenient in an emergency, but the catch is that they charge at a slow rate.
  • Home fast charging: You can also opt to have a 240-volt fast charging station installed in your garage for convenient home charging. This will come at an added cost but is typically worth the investment because you can recharge at a much faster rate without leaving home.
  • Public charging: There are also public charging stations where you can stop to charge your PHEV whenever you need to. Public charging stations aren’t yet as common as gas stations, but their numbers are growing at a steady rate.

Bring Home a New Hybrid or Electric Vehicle from Fisher Honda

Now that you know how to charge a hybrid car, you’ll be set to take on Broomfield and Longmont roads in your next Honda. Find a new Honda hybrid or electric car for sale at Fisher Honda and save even more on your next purchase when you shop our rotating inventory of new vehicle specials or dealer offers and incentives. Find more information on Honda models or apply for financing online from home to get started. Contact us today for more details on charging a hybrid car battery or stop by our dealership right here in Boulder!

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