The Importance of Fuel-Injection System Maintenance

October 24th, 2012 by
Fisher Honda Service Tech

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The fuel-injection system is a very important part of your engine that’s also very easy to forget about. This role used to be taken care of by carburetors, but almost any new car uses some kind of fuel injection. Most of the time, today’s sophisticated fuel-injection systems do their job reliably without much maintenance, but it’s important to perform regular maintenance lest you end up paying for more expensive repairs at a later date. We turned to the professional technicians at Fisher Honda to put together a guide for caring for your vehicle’s fuel-injection system.

When is Maintenance Necessary?

If your car is behaving strangely, whether it’s difficult to start, the engine hesitates, the gas mileage isn’t as high as it once was, or if your idle is rough, it could be a problem with your fuel injectors. Additionally, if you feel that your car isn’t performing as it used to, it might be an issue that can be easily remedied by fuel-injector service. Smelling fuel inside of your car could also be indicative of a problem with this system.

Why do Fuel Injectors Need Maintenance?

Fuel injectors perform a difficult job. They deliver fuel into the engine so it can be ignited by spark plugs, so the injectors must be prepared to deal with very high heat and pressure. The burning fuel can leave deposits on the piston and injector nozzle heads that can build up and lead to detrimental effects. A lot of carbon buildup on fuel injectors can lead to ineffective spray patterns, which can reduce the proper flow of fuel to the engine. If your fuel-injection system isn’t performing as it should, it can affect performance and gas mileage.

What to do if You Have a Problem With Your Fuel Injectors

This kind of repair might be something that you want to leave to the experts. A qualified repair center may be able to clean the injectors so that they can perform like new. If your injectors are faulty or leaking, they may need to be replaced.

As with any part of your car that performs an important service your fuel injectors can wear over time and need to be maintained. Well-maintained fuel injectors will offer better performance and gas mileage.

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