Is the Temperature in Your Car a Hassle? Install Remote Start!

July 1st, 2011 by

Auto Car Start Great for Hot Summers and Cold Winters!

After your car has been sitting out in the hot summer sun all day while you’re at work, the first part of your ride home will feel like a sauna as you wait for the a/c to cool it down. This can be avoided if you have a remote starter for your vehicle.

With a remote starter, you simply press a button on your electronic key fob and start your car from your desk 10 minutes before you leave work. Now you don’t have to sit in an oven until your a/c/ kicks in while you drive home.

The same idea applies when the colder temperatures of Colorado winters come back in a few months. Your car can be waiting for you at the perfect temperature if you just have a remote starter installed at Fisher Honda in Boulder, CO. With over 20 years of experience, our service department can install a remote starter on any vehicle.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Starters?

Temperature Control – Driving in comfort is within your control with a remote starter. Just leave the air conditioner or heater on when you turn off the car so it will turn on when you remotely start your vehicle. No more hot leather seats burning your legs, or frigid car interiors. If you have heated seats; these as well can be turned on to warm up in the winter.

Save Time – No more waiting around for your car to warm up, for the engine to be ready, and for snow and ice to defrost from your windshields.

Engine Care – A warm engine runs better and allows fluids to flow more freely. Warming up your car before you drive not only keeps the temperature more comfortable in the cabin for you, but it warms the engine, ensuring it runs properly.

Resale Value – Since not all cars have remote start, you’ll increase the value of your car if you have it. This is especially true in states like Colorado who experience both hot and cold seasons.

Honda Remote Starters

Fisher Auto can find a remote starter that is compatible with any vehicle: Kia, Chevy, Acura, GM, and more. However, Honda has just released a new remote starter that is unique only to Honda vehicles because of its tight integration with Honda electrical systems. It is currently available for the 2008-2011 Honda CR-V, Civic, Accord, and 2009-2011 Honda Fit and Pilot and the 2011 Odyssey.

What Other Features Does My Fisher Installed Remote Starter Have?

Aside from being able to start your vehicle from about 600-1000 ft. away, it can also be fitted with a keyless-entry function, alarm, parking-light flash, and anti-grind features. Your car is there for your convenience, so it should have every convenient feature available. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, Nissan, Pontiac, Audi, BMW, Kia, Honda, Dodge, or any other vehicle, Fisher Auto will install your remote starter or any other accessories you want. Fisher Auto’s service team of factory trained technicians has been servicing cars in the Boulder, Denver, Aurora, and Westminster for over 40 years. Call or stop in today to inquire about a remote starter for your vehicle.