Importance of Changing Your Honda’s Filters

April 29th, 2011 by

Honda Services: Transmission Filter, Cabin Filter, & Engine Air Filter

Various filters in Honda vehicles require scheduled maintenance, and it’s best to have that maintenance done by a trusted Honda Service Department at a Honda dealership.  It is important to Honda vehicles to retain their high level of dependability, safety and emissions control by performing such maintenance.  Luckily, Honda makes this easy with its state of art Maintenance Minder system.  This advanced system assists owners with important reminders, such as when to change certain filters within a vehicle.  Here, we’ll discuss when and why.

Engine air filters are important to vehicle maintenance and we recommended it be changed at Honda’s recommended interval (intervals vary depending on model).  The engine air filter removes contaminants from the outside air before it enters the internal combustion engine.  Replacing the engine air filter at the manufactures recommended intervals is vital to maintaining your Honda vehicles performance and efficiency. Performing the recommended maintenance at Fisher Honda ensures the work will be done by our factory technicians using only Genuine Honda Parts.

Honda Services - Filter Change - Fisher Honda

In today’s world of endless errands, after-school activities and countless appointments, consumers are lucky if time spent out of the car is less than time spent in it.  With that in mind, it is important to remember to change the Honda’s in-cabin air filters when they are due for replacement.  Honda’s unique in-cabin air filters with its three layers have the ability to filter out anything from particles to pollen.  Keeping the in-cabin air filters clean is important to a Honda’s heater and air conditioning functions and supporting a healthier environment in your car.

What about transmission and fuel filters? On most late model Honda vehicles there is never a need to replace transmission or fuel filters as they are designed to perform properly for the life of your Honda vehicle. Hondas forward thinking and focus on reducing and eliminating unnecessary maintenance has led to continuous improvements in maintenance schedules and recommendations. The only maintenance your Hondas transmission requires is fluid changes at the recommended intervals, making it even easier to keep up to date on all your Hondas Maintenance needs.

To have your filters checked and serviced, trust Fisher Honda’s service department in Boulder, CO.  Schedule a service appointment today and have one less thing on your to-do list!

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