Honda Service Aurora-The Most Reliable Auto Repair in the Boulder Area

September 19th, 2011 by

The Most Reliable Honda Service for Aurora Residents is at Fisher Honda

Fisher Honda Auto Service and Repair Boulder

Fisher Honda is There When You Need Service Done Right

Fisher Honda is here for all of your Honda Service needs in the Aurora area and beyond. We haven’t become the best by neglecting our service department — our professionally trained technicians will give your vehicle the very best service, with a promptness suited to your busy lifestyle.

Fisher Honda Can Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter is coming, and your Honda will need service to be ready for it. It’s crucial to have your vehicle checked out before the winter season hits, lest you end up stranded in the snow and stuck with a sizable repair bill. Better to think ahead and be safe, and Fisher Honda is here to help you with that!

The first to-do when having your Honda serviced for the Aurora winter is to have your fluids — antifreeze, oil, and windshield wiper fluid — checked. It’s crucial that your vehicle has a half-and-half mixture of antifreeze and water. Washer fluid is critical to maintain visibility in the face of the elements. Fresh oil is, of course, required year round.

Fisher Honda’s service center can also perform a series of other checks to make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter. This includes inspecting your tires, which should have at least 2/32” tread depth. Winter is not the time to hesitate on tire repair — since cold air causes tires to lose pressure, you need to have them checked regularly. You also need to make sure your windshield wipers are in tip-top shape to maintain visibility. If your battery posts aren’t kept clean, you could have trouble starting your vehicle, and if your spark plug wires are cracked, general performance will be affected.

Finally, have your brakes checked. It is especially important during the winter months when you may face ice and snow to make sure that your brakes are in top working order. All of this needn’t be intimidating — Fisher Honda can do it all for you!

Fisher Honda is the Right Dealer for Service in the Aurora Area

For all your Honda service needs in Aurora and beyond, come to Fisher Honda today! We will make sure your vehicle is prepared for the changing of the seasons, as well as being in the best possible working order for everyday use. Our ASE Certified technicians will also take care of factory scheduled maintenance, repairs of minor dings and scratches, and major collision work. Call or stop by today to schedule an appointment.

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