Honda Owner? Play Your iPod in the Car

June 29th, 2011 by

You Can Play Your iPod in the Car if You Own a Honda

If you don’t like flipping through radio stations or lugging around a book of CD’s, then the audio system available in many Honda models, and the iPod car adapter available through Honda Accessories, is your solution. Honda EX and above models feature a USB

Audio Interface and an MP3/auxiliary input jack so you can bring along an iPod or other portable music player loaded with your favorite songs. The USB Audio Interface allows for direct connection to USB devices that contain MP3, WMA or AAC music files. Many Honda models found at Fisher Honda also have a 12-volt power outlet so you can also keep your iPod charged.

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Listen to Your iPod in Your Honda!

Why Do I Need An iPod Adapter In My Honda?

Your Music Your Way – You’re at the mercy of the radio stations as to the songs that are played and the genres available. You can listen to CD’s, but they only hold around 20 songs and you’ll have to constantly change them according to your mood. Plus, what if you forget one at home? Having the ability to play your iPod in the car lets you have your music your way.

No Interruptions – When you listen to the radio you’re not only a slave to what songs are being played, but you’re also subject to commercials, news, and disc jockey chatter.

More Music in Less Space – iPod adapters for your car allow you to play the virtually thousands of songs that you have downloaded on your iPod instead of flipping through hundreds of CD’s.  Many Honda models also have a multi-line display on the dash that lets you see lists of music and folders as you search through your iPod files.

Quality Sound – CD’s get scratched and radio stations can fade in and out with static if you’re in a wooded or desolate area, but the sound of your iPod through your Honda sound system is always crystal clear.

Good For Travel – Since you don’t want to be a slave to the radio, having the ability to play your iPod in your Honda is great when you’re traveling long distances. Not only do you have your music your way, but you don’t have to worry about losing radio reception as you leave and enter different radio zones.

Fisher Honda Vehicles Are Equipped to Play Your iPod

Whether you vehicle is already equipped with the capability, or you need an iPod adapter, you’ll have more fun in your Honda when you can listen to music on your own terms. Call or come in to Fisher Honda in Boulder, Colorado to see the Honda models already available with USB Audio Interface, or get any Honda iPod-ready with an iPod adapter through Honda Accessories.  Both options are affordable ways to listen to hundreds of your favorite songs on the road.