Honda LaneWatch Blind Spot Display Receives a Good Housekeeping 2013 “Very Innovative Products” Award

February 3rd, 2013 by

2013 Honda Accord Sedan“Honda” and “safety” are two words that have become forever linked in the automotive industry. The Japanese automaker has built its reputation by leading the way in vehicle safety innovation, and this commitment to progress can be seen in their continued work to create the most advanced safety features ever, such as the new LaneWatch Blind Spot Display. Debuting on the all-new 2013 Accord at Fisher Honda, Honda’s LaneWatch Blind Spot Display has won a Good Housekeeping “Very Innovative Products” (VIP) Award.

Award-Winning Safety Innovation

Scientists and engineers from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute evaluated over 1,500 new products, with only 9 products proudly emerging as award winners. Of the winners, the only automotive product to be awarded as a 2013 VIP was indeed Honda’s latest safety innovation: LaneWatch Blind Spot Display.

Making its grand entrance on the all-new 2013 Accord, and also now available on the snappy 2013 Crosstour, LaneWatch employs a camera mounted on the passenger-side mirror to display a live feed of the vehicle’s right-side blind spot on the dashboard-mounted 8-inch LCD screen. When the right side turn signal is activated or a button at the end of the turn signal stalk is pushed, the camera is activated to allow the driver to view the passenger side roadway areas that might otherwise be difficult to view.

Typically a passenger side mirror allows the driver a view of approximately 18-22 degrees, however, with LaneWatch, this field of view is up to four times greater at approximately 80 degrees. This grants visibility of traffic, pedestrians, or any other object hiding in the average blind spot. The display also offers three reference lines in yellow and red to assist the driver in judging distance.

Experience LaneWatch at Fisher Honda

Fisher Honda is proud to offer the all-new 2013 Accord as well as the 2013 Crosstour, both featuring the award-winning LaneWatch Blind Spot Display. Visit our Boulder, CO Honda dealership for a test drive to experience this groundbreaking safety feature today!