Honda Keeps Your Hands at 10 and 2 with Siri Integration

March 21st, 2013 by

Though driving can be quite entertaining on its own, there are times when our fingers start to itch for the phone. We know we shouldn’t, but sometimes the temptation to look up a restaurant or the answer to a question that’s on our minds is just too much to handle.

Well, guess what. There’s an easier, safer solution out there, and Honda is making it happen with the 2013 Honda Accord.

Honda has a Solution to Your Smartphone Addiction

Enter Siri. You may already know her as the voice-activated virtual personal assistant for iPhone. She’ll answer any question you throw her way, from drycleaners in your area to the name of that actor that was in the movie you just saw. She’s so helpful that there are blogs dedicated to her greatness. In short, she’s kind of a big deal.

An even bigger deal: Honda is integrating support for Siri onto the 2013 Accord. The new driver-friendly service, called Apple Siri Eyes Free, enables iPhone-toting drivers to connect to Siri using Honda’s standard Bluetooth HandsFreeLink™ and to start a conversation with her by pressing a button on your steering wheel.  We think she makes an excellent enhancement to an already amazing standard features list, highlighted by the i-MID infotainment display.

What Does Siri Eyes Free Do?

Siri is designed to answer all of your questions and respond to your commands through your Accord’s built-in speakers and microphone. Here are some of the things you can do while on the go:

  • Get un-lost. Just tell Siri to “go home” and, if you’ve programmed your home address, get instant directions from where you are.
  • Set a Reminder. Siri will add it to your calendar.
  • Request a song. When no other tune will do, ask Siri to play a song from your music collection and drum on the steering wheel to your heart’s content.
  • Send a text. Not only will Siri read your messages over your Accord’s speaker system, she’ll let you reply as well.

At Fisher Honda in Boulder, we have a wide selection of 2013 Accords with Apple Siri Eyes Free just waiting for you to test drive them. The award-winning Accord was already one of the most innovative models on the market, and now that it comes with the most helpful passenger ever, it has truly set itself apart from the competition.

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