Honda Fit and Mugen Performance Parts and Accessories

May 2nd, 2011 by

Custom Honda? Shop Mugen Honda Parts Now!

The Honda Fit has never looked better since being outfitted with Mugen Performance Parts and Accessories. Mugen means unlimited, or without limit, and is company that lives up to its name.  Mugen, a Japanese company, has been known for outfitting vehicles with top-of-the-line aftermarket accessories for years.

Custom Honda Fit - Colorado Honda Dealer - Fisher HondaFor years, both American Honda Motors and Colorado’s own Fisher Honda have been bringing you the best in modern, sleek, and reliable vehicles; so it’s only natural to be associated with a company that brings nothing but the best to Honda.

Safety and affordability are synonymous with the word Honda and now with Mugen’s touch the Honda Fit’s interior and exterior have a heaping amount of options.  From 16-inch alloy wheels, aluminum oil filler caps, sports silencer to quick shifter, mirror covers and sport pedals, Mugen makes it as easy as placing an online order to then be picked up at Fisher Honda in Boulder.

In addition to manufacturing quality Honda parts and accessories, Mugen Motorsports also tunes and races Honda vehicles in the Super GT championship.

Custom Honda Fit - Mugen Parts - Fisher HondaImagine driving your new Honda Fit, with a rear under-spoiler, side spoiler, front under-spoiler, and sports grille as you pass by onlookers, staring enviously at you.  Imagine shifting into fourth with the shorter, easier to shift quick-shifter with a custom shift knob.  On top of that, you’re using a sports pedal to make your shifting even faster, while looking behind you in your custom, color-matched rearview mirror to see that inferior car you just passed.  Finally, you smile as you dright right past that gas station, because after all, you’re driving a Honda.

When it comes to refining the power in your Honda Fit it is a clear choice to partner with Mugen and Fisher Honda.  Our trusted staff is here to help you make your Honda Fit match your style and go beyond the limit.  Contact our Honda Parts Department for more information on Mugen Parts and Accessories.