Honda Electric Cars Bypass Gasoline and Go Straight to Hydrogen

May 17th, 2011 by

The Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

With the introduction of the 2012 Honda FCX Clarity, it’s clear that as consumers, we’re changing the way we buy cars.  Whether it’s the high price of gas or concerns for the environment, many are becoming more and more interested in electric vehicles.

Honda FCX Clarity - Fisher Honda - Colorado Honda Dealer The FCX uses hydrogen fuel cell technology instead of gasoline. For those that are concerned about leaving a carbon footprint, worry no more!  Honda’s electric vehicles are about the cleanest around because only water vapor is emitted into the atmosphere.  Honda’s FCX Clarity FCEV is much more efficient than ordinary gasoline-powered vehicles in converting chemical energy into power.  The FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) has a smooth and powerful electric engine for a great overall driving experience.

The compact, high-efficiency lithium-ion battery pack is used as a supplemental power source capturing lost energy during deceleration and braking. The new lithium-ion battery delivers improved performance and energy recovery in a more lightweight, compact package. Compared to the previous model, the powertrain on the next-generation FCX Clarity FCEV is almost 400 pounds lighter, has 120% better power-to-weight ratio, is 20% more fuel-efficient, is 45% more compact and 10% more energy-efficient.  The new battery weighs significantly less and is smaller than that of the 2005 FCX, this time allowing it to be stored underneath the rear seat which allows for greater passenger space and larger trunk space.

Honda has shown environmental leadership dating all the way back to when green was just a color.  Based on a Union of Concerned Scientists analysis of fleet-wide global warming and smog emissions from 2008 model year vehicles, Honda has been recognized as the country’s Greenest Automaker by the Union of Concerned Scientists for the fifth time in a row.

There are many reasons people are interested in purchasing an electric car.  The majority of these individuals are looking to save money while still having a reliable form of transportation. Consumers that own one of Honda’s electric vehicles are guaranteed to save money on fuel, and help with the quality of air in the environment at the same time, a win-win for everyone!  One other benefit of owning one of Honda’s electric cars is the access to tax breaks because they have chosen to purchase a “green” vehicle.  Many governments give tax breaks to customers purchasing these vehicles because people are no longer as dependent on international trade when they are able to operate a car without the use of traditional fossil fuels.

With a show stopping EPA-certified 61 mpg equivalent, the FCX Clarity FCEV is capable of traveling up to a whopping 240 miles before refueling!  That is simply remarkable!

These cars change the way you affect the environment without changing the way you drive. There’s no doubt that after owning one of Honda’s electric vehicles you will look at things such as, pollution, consumption, and waste a lot differently.  A fuel cell electric vehicle won’t change the way you drive, but it may change the way you live.

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