Is Your Fuel Injection System Still Healthy?

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Fuel Injection Service Tips From Fisher Honda

Fisher Auto Service CenterYour vehicle’s fuel injection system is an integral part of your engine that can easily be neglected. Your leading Honda dealer in Boulder, Fisher Honda, is here with some helpful tips and information about the things you should look for when it comes to fuel injector maintenance and service. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed so you can make the most out of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly.


The Fuel Injection System

As any Boulder area Honda dealer can tell you, the fuel-injection system is responsible for delivering fuel to your vehicle’s engine for combustion. Fuel is forced through the injectors and exits through a small nozzle under high pressure. This atomizes the fuel, which aids the combustion process by increasing the surface area available for reaction, which in turn improves the efficiency of the combustion reaction.

Fuel-injection systems replaced carburetors, and offer many benefits over the older system. The biggest benefit over carburetors is the much-improved fuel-efficiency, as less fuel is needed to produce the same amount of power with the new technology. Fuel injection also offers a much smoother and consistent engine response under acceleration, as well as improved performance in cold or hot weather.


Potential Problems

Just like any other component of an engine, the fuel-injection system will require service from time to time. Thankfully, our helpful Service Department is here with some tips that will help you know if you need to get your fuel-injection system serviced. If you notice that your vehicle is having a hard time starting, the problem could stem from dirty or clogged fuel injectors; there are several fuel system additives that you can put right into your gas tank to help clean your fuel system, which may help this problem. If you’re experiencing a reduction in fuel economy or a rough idle, your fuel injectors could need replacing. Likewise, if your car runs erratically at high temperatures or if you notice the smell of fuel inside your car, you need to get your fuel injectors checked out — they could be leaking or failing, which could lead to more serious problems down the road.


Choose Fisher Honda for Exceptional Automotive Service

If you experience any problems with your fuel-injection system, our friendly service staff would like to invite you to choose us as your Honda dealer n Boulder. We’ll have your car back up and running smooth in no time. Visit our dealership and experience our dedication to great customer service!

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