Colorado Fuel Efficient Vehicles are Plentiful at Fisher Honda in Boulder

August 11th, 2011 by

Fuel Efficient Hybrid and Alternative-Fuel Honda Vehicles Available at Fisher Honda In Boulder

Avoid High Gas Prices With a More Fuel-Efficient Honda Vehicle

Gas prices have been on the rise for the past several years, sometimes topping out at close to $5.00 a gallon!  It doesn’t look like this problem is going away anytime soon, which is why you should to be extremely conscious about finding a fuel-efficient Honda at Boulder’s Fisher Honda.   Honda was the very first auto manufacturer to sell a hybrid vehicle in the United States and Europe, cementing their status as leaders in production of innovative, alternatively-fueled vehicles.  Honda has the market cornered on some of the latest technology in fuel economy on their lineup of hybrids, electric-powered, and natural-gas-powered vehicles.

Eco-Friendly Honda Performance Features

Honda is an automotive leader in cutting-edge, fuel-efficient technology.  They continually improve and implement new technology in their hybrids, electric, and gas vehicles, so every corner of the market is covered.  The following are some of Honda’s innovations in fuel efficiency that enable them to achieve such superior fuel economy:

Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) — Since Honda was the first car manufacturer to market a hybrid in the U.S., they have been able to improve upon how the electric motor works in conjunction with the gasoline engine.  The IMA supplies additional power when needed, while still maintaining ultimate fuel efficiency.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) — In conjunction with Honda’s Drive-by-Wire™ throttle system, the CVT constantly adjusts to provide the most efficient drive ratio for both better fuel economy and improved acceleration.

Eco Assist System — This unique Honda system gives an extra boost to Honda’s already superior fuel economy.  Press the “Economy” button and your Honda will switch into efficiency mode to maximize your mileage.  Only Honda Hybrid models provide the Eco Guide to tabulate an Eco Score at the end of each drive to keep the driver aware of fuel efficiency.

i-VTEC® — This feature allows for more pep in the four-cylinder models, giving it extra horsepower over the regular four-cylinder engine and maximum power and efficiency at all engine speeds.

Hybrid and Alternatively-Fueled Vehicles

Check out some of the latest Honda vehicles that incorporate these cutting-edge, fuel-saving technology features:

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

The CR-Z has a six-speed manual transmission that gets power and gas mileage by combining the i-VTEC® four-cylinder engine with Integrated Motor Assist IMA®.  The CR-Z Hybrid gets 35/39 mpg with the assistance of the low body structure and IMA battery pack.

Honda Insight Hybrid

The Honda Insight Hybrid also boasts the latest IMA system that contributes to its 40/43 mpg rating, along with a lighter, improved battery pack.  The Eco Assist and ECON button are just a few of the improvements from the original Insight and Civic Hybrid that makes it the hybrid on the market to watch.

Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic Hybrid gets 44/44 mpg with IMA and a high-output electric motor, and it generates 110 hp.  Its lightweight, aerodynamic body structure and advanced CVT transmission system contributes to its amazing fuel economy.

Honda Civic GX — Natural Gas

Like the other alternatively-fueled Honda vehicles, the Civic GX has a smaller engine that gets its power from a combination of Honda’s eco-friendly performance features.  The Civic GX gets 24/36 mpg with its natural-gas-powered engine, making it the world’s cleanest internal combustion vehicle.

Honda FX Clarity — Electric Power

This electrically powered vehicle achieves the equivalent of 60 mpg without any gasoline. The FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) has a powerful electric engine that is ushering in the future of eco-friendly vehicles.  It is the most compact, light, energy-efficient, and fuel-efficient vehicle on the market, which is just what you’d expect from a name like Honda.

Vehicles of the Future Here Today at Fisher Honda

Fisher Honda in Boulder, Colorado is dedicated to providing Denver-area motorists with the most cutting-edge, fuel-efficient vehicles available on the market.  Keep an eye on our stock to get glimpses of future fuel-efficient hybrids, natural gas, and electrically powered vehicles at Fisher Honda.  Visit us online for a complete list of inventory.