Be Prepared to Handle a Roadside Emergency

September 28th, 2012 by

Fisher Honda’s Tips on How to Deal With Common Roadside Emergencies

We all may have read The Rules of the Road when we had to pass our driving test, but sometimes emergencies occur that weren’t covered in Driver’s Ed, and we may not be prepared to handle them properly. All the Honda dealers in Colorado can tell you that much, but when you come to Fisher Honda, we’ll help you address the issue. Our Service Department will make sure that your Honda’s brakes aren’t worn down, your tires are in good condition, your engine is tuned, and your wipers and headlights are working properly so you’re not stuck in a lurch on the side of the road.

Be Prepared on the Road

Aside from keeping your vehicle in proper working order by bringing it to one of Colorado’s Honda dealers such as Fisher Honda for regular service, here are some tips on safely dealing with some of the most common roadside emergencies you may encounter:

  • Tire blowout. Don’t slam on the brakes and throw your car even more off balance. Slowly release the gas, turn on your hazards to warn other drivers, and pull over to get out of traffic.
  • Stuck in snow or mud. Don’t slam on the gas; spinning your tires really fast will only dig you deeper. Go easy, and try rocking the car back and forth as you attempt to get out by switching between Drive and Reverse.  Failing that, you can also use aids such as your floor mats, other fabric or tarps, or sand under the tires to get the traction you need. Consider keeping rock salt in your trunk, which is useful when you’re stuck in snow or ice.
  • Overheating engine. We have a lot of warm weather in Colorado, and it’s easy for a car to overheat, especially if you haven’t had your coolant checked in a while. Don’t keep driving on it; you could risk a dangerous engine fire. Turn your heater on at full blast to release some heat from the engine. Wait about a half hour for the engine to cool before you add coolant.

Fisher Honda Keeps You Safe on the Road

Among Colorado auto dealers, Fisher Honda is among the very best. The first step to avoiding dangerous mishaps on the road is to make sure that your Honda is running smoothly, and the professionals at Fisher Honda will make sure of that. Bring your vehicle to our dealership today for all of your maintenance and repair needs.