Fisher Honda, Catering to the Denver, Colorado Area, Leading the Pack with its Array of Certified Pre Owned Hondas

June 3rd, 2011 by

Buying a Used Car? Visit Fisher Honda For Certified Used Hondas

Do you ever wonder how long it takes for a vehicle to start depreciating in value? As soon as a car is driven off the lot, a new car tends to lose around 40 percent of its original value in the first year and continues to lose between 15-20% each year thereafter. Therefore, a car that cost $30,000 new in 2011 may only be worth $18,000 in 2012. Due to the dramatic depreciation rate of new vehicles, and with Americans trying to save as much money as possible in this downtrodden economy, the best cars for the money are certified pre owned vehicles. Fisher Honda in Boulder, Colorado is at the forefront of providing the greater Denver area with an impressive selection of certified pre-owned Honda, ranging from 2006-2010 models of Honda Civics, Accords, CR-Vs, Pilots, and Odysseys.

Honda Certified Used Cars - Used Honda Westminster - Fisher HondaCertified Hondas are Reliable Used Cars

Owning a Honda Certified Used Car, or HCUC, has many of the advantages of a new vehicle, without the high sticker price. In order for a used car to be “certified,” it has to meet certain criteria. The Honda Certified Used Car Program at Fisher Honda makes sure each vehicle meets these standards by performing 150-point mechanical and appearance inspection. The Our trained and certified technicians will also replace worn parts with Genuine Honda parts and materials if it is found not to meet the standards of the certification program. Certified pre-owned vehicles also have low mileage and are covered by a factory warranty. Most dealerships will even offer add-ons to the warranty or other offered maintenance packages that just aren’t available with a non-certified vehicle.

The lack of a factory warranty is one of the biggest drawbacks from buying a used vehicle, but when buying a certified pre-owned vehicle at Fisher Honda, the buyer has nothing to worry about. Our warranty and certification programs offered with our certified pre-owned Hondas includes major engine and transmission components, except for standard maintenance and wearable items, body panels, window glass and interior, replacement or repair of any covered part that is defective under normal use with a $0 deductible and a Powertrain coverage for 7-years/100,000 miles from the vehicle’s original in-service date. If buyers are looking for the best used cars for their money, a certified pre-owned Honda from Fisher Honda is the way to go.

Honda Certified Used Cars - Used Cars Westminster - Fisher HondaCertified Used Vehicles at Fisher Honda

Avoid the pitfalls of vehicle depreciation, and purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle from Fisher Honda rather than getting a brand new one. Buyers can rest assured that they’re getting a low mileage, certified vehicle that surpasses ordinary used cars. Fisher Honda in Boulder, Colorado prides itself on serving the greater Denver metro area with its top notch service, integrity, and competitive prices. Fisher Honda has almost 40 certified pre-owned cars, trucks, SUV’s, and crossovers in stock. Come in or call us today to see the vast array of cars and SUV’s ready to be driven off the lot. With over 40 years of experience, Fisher Honda’s sales representatives are committed to offering the best in service, and the inventory of affordable used vehicles ensures that the buyer’s purchase experience will be above and beyond anything another dealership can offer.