Explore the Most Scenic Drives in Colorado

March 9th, 2013 by

Whether you are on a road trip or just enjoying a leisurely Sunday drive, nobody wants to look out their windows at the same old boring view for mile upon endless mile. Fortunately for residents of Colorado or those just passing through, this state offers limitless possibilities for a breathtaking drive. Here at Fisher Honda in Boulder we know there is nothing quite like traveling through fresh mountain air taking in Colorado’s gorgeous flora and sometimes fauna (if they aren’t feeling too shy!) while letting the turmoil of life simply float away over snowy mountain peaks. If all of this sounds absolutely wonderful, read on for a few of our recommendations for scenic routes in Colorado!

The Million-Dollar Highway

If the name alone has not sold you, wait until you read what there is to see! Located in southwestern Colorado, US Hwy 550 is anything but boring. Drivers and passengers will catch eyefuls of the San Juan Mountains while also exploring the genuine dangers of avalanches.

The highway is generally kept open all year, but it is recommended to travel this road during the summer months in order to avoid over one hundred identified avalanche paths. As if that was not exciting enough, the route completely lacks guardrails and travels over some steep cliffs. If you’re taking this road up toward Red Mountain Pass, a handful of historic mining facilities can be seen as you ascend to the top. The Million Dollar Highway provides the perfect blend of adventure and beauty for any explorer!

Trail Ridge Road

It might not sound like much, but this road is actually the highest paved highway in America! Also called US Hwy 34, Trail Ridge Road is a summer-only highway that crosses over the Continental Divide where you’ll see a wide variety of resplendent sights. Mighty elk, Longs Peak, and the Colorado River are just a few things that you will get an excellent view of. If you are able to add to your drive, Fall River Road is a great mini-trip that provides superb park views over a dirt road that happens to be friendly for passengers!

Rollins Pass Road

Those looking for a more rugged drive might want to try this road. Much like Trail Ridge, this is also open only in the summer, but with a twist. It is an all-dirt road between Winter Park and Rollinsville, Colorado. Recommended for automobiles with a high clearance and four-wheel drive, the view above the tree tops gives way to gorgeous sky-scapes. Beware that this road is also not a through route, as there is a closure at Needle’s Eye Tunnel.

Prepare for Your Trip with Fisher Honda

To help ensure that you can successfully complete these scenic routes without any car trouble, visit Fisher Honda to keep up-to-date with your vehicle’s routine maintenance. You can schedule an appointment online, and then drop by our dealership at 6025 Arapahoe Road in Boulder, CO. We’ll get your car ready for any road, even the Million-Dollar Highway — but are you ready?