Double Top Safety Pick Ratings For the 2013 Honda Civic

March 18th, 2013 by

Drive safer with one of the best, most secure compact cars on the market. The 2013 Honda Civic has recently become the first compact car ever to receive the Top Safety Pick Plus designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. When shopping for a car in the Boulder, Colorado area, it pays to keep an eye out for just how safe prospective purchases can be. That’s why you should stop by Fisher Honda in Boulderand see the new Civic, which has taken home the highest honor from the IIHS.

Upgrading to Perfection

This new award isn’t limited to one variety of the Civic: both the 2013 Honda Civic Coupe and Civic Sedan achieved this distinction in an unprecedented move. This is all thanks to the improvements that Honda engineers have implemented since the last release of the car in 2012. Newer developments in material quality has had marked changes in the overall stability and integrity of the Civic’s cabin. Various components have been added to the engine space, making for a car that is more effective at absorbing an impact.

Rigorous Testing

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety doesn’t just crash cars into walls and call it a day when grading a car’s safety capabilities. The process is meticulous, and one of the more important tests is what’s called the “small overlap test”, which measures the cabin intrusion and forces exerted when the corner of the car hits a barrier in a 40 mph collision. This is to simulate one of the most common, and potentially most harmful, collisions that occur on roads today: hitting the corner of another vehicle or road object (such as a pole or median). It seeks to check the effectiveness of the car’s safety features in a real-world scenario, and is a test that the 2013 Honda Civic passed with flying colors.

Up on a Pedestal

There are scores of vehicles that have qualified for the Top Safety Pick in the past few years…but those that are graced with the Top Safety Pick Plus are few and far between. It may be quite a while before another compact car will see such a prestigious title, so make sure to stop by Fisher Honda in Boulder to check out the award-winning 2013 Honda Civic today, available in both coupe and sedan.

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