Traveling on the I70 in Colorado

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Driving on the I70 in Colorado? You’re not alone. In fact, getting through the traffic on I70 can sometimes be an adventure in itself—and not always in a positive sense. Taking I70 is the easiest way to reach the mountains from the area near Louisville and Broomfield, but as you may already know, it’s developed an infamous reputation. Depending on the season of your travel plans, you might expect to encounter semi accidents, avalanches, mountain goats and more.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to have a bad time if you’re driving in a new Honda, especially if you know how to pass the time. Here, we’ve highlighted a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your next trip.

Interstate 70 in Colorado: The Basics

Whether you’re headed east from Grand Junction or west from Burlington, I70 can take you all across the state of Colorado. Its full length extends roughly from Pittsburgh to Utah—and if you’re driving west from Boulder or Longmont, it will take you through some of the most beautiful mountain views you’ll ever see. For this reason, I70 is often packed with traffic. After all, getting out into the open air is a favorite pastime of many Colorado residents and visitors to the state.

What to Do If You’re Stuck in Traffic on I70

Traveling during non-peak hours is the best way to avoid traffic jams on I70—but if we’re being honest, you’re almost certain to get stuck eventually. Accidents are common during the winter, and if the accident is bad enough, you might be sitting at a standstill (or close to it) for quite some time. Even in the best-case scenario, where no accidents have taken place, you still might find that traffic is worse than expected.

Despite the negative outlook, many of our neighbors know how to make the best of a bad situation. 

Are you tired of hearing, “are we there yet?” Well, drivers on I70 have figured out an innovative solution. If you’re going to be standing for a while, you might consider letting the kids get out to play in the snow!

In fact, we’ve even seen adults get out of their cars during particularly bad traffic jams. Many will then strike up conversations with other travelers who are in the same boat. You might find other families who are headed to the same vacation spot—and who knows? Your next traffic stop on I70 could lead to a lasting friendship.

If you haven’t already equipped your car with a winter readiness kit, we want to remind you that it’s smart to keep a few extra blankets in the trunk of the backseat. In the event of an accident or a long stoppage, these blankets can help you stay warm when fuel is running low.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on water bottles—especially if you’re traveling in the summer.

Tips for Driving on the I70

There’s nothing wrong with having fun when the world is working against you—but we still think that most drivers would prefer to skip the traffic whenever possible! These tips can help you plan a trip during any season:

  1. Stay off the road during peak travel times. Check to see traffic predictions based on historical data.
  2. Keep up with travel alerts and information. Colorado’s government collects information that may impact travelers in the state. Check the official website before you hit the road. You might find that you’re better off taking another route or traveling on another day. 
  3. Reduce the risk of a breakdown with a service check-up. We recommend that you get an oil change and a tire rotation before you travel along the I70 in Colorado, and we’ve made it easy to schedule service online.

Contact Fisher Honda for More Tips

Our dealership is proud to serve travelers who call the Boulder region home! Whether you’re searching for the best shopping in the region or you want to drive home in a new Honda, you should know that we’re here to help. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.

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