American Honda Exports 1,000,000th Car

January 20th, 2013 by

Fisher Honda DealerHonda recently celebrated its 1 millionth vehicle export from the United States, and a ceremony was held to commemorate a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L as it rolled off the line at their plant in Marysville, Ohio. The Accord would be shipped to South Korea, becoming the 1 millionth Honda vehicle built in America to be sent oversees since US production began 25 years ago.

For the ceremony, Takanobu Ito, the president & CEO of Honda Motor Co., delivered a video message to the Marysville plant: “Quality for the world, made in America, has been an important Honda commitment for the past 25 years. In the coming years, we will take on the challenge of helping even more customers around the world enjoy Honda products made in the USA.”

Combining the exports of both finished vehicles and vehicle components and parts, American Honda has exported more than $22 billion worth of goods, helping to strengthen the American economy.

Though the 1986 film Gung Ho may have playfully poked fun at the tension between the American and the Japanese auto industries, Honda has a long history of creating successful jobs and careers for American workers in the areas of production, development, and sales. In the fall of 1982, Honda began to produce Accord models at its new plant in Marysville, Ohio. By the fall of 1987, Accords from the Ohio plant would become the first vehicles from an international automobile produced in the United States to be shipped overseas. The next year, the US would actually begin exporting Accord Coupes back to Japan.

Honda currently has four plants in the United States:

  • East Liberty, Ohio
  • Greensburg, Indiana
  • Lincoln, Alabama
  • Marysville, Ohio

In 2011, these plants, along with others in North America, produced 85% of the Honda and Acura models that were sold in the United States.

Today, Honda has more than 26,000 associates working in US manufacturing, research and development, and sales. That doesn’t count the jobs created to supply Honda’s operations either, such as raw materials and providing overhead. The team at Fisher Honda is proud to be a part of Honda’s growing legacy.

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