2016 Honda Pilot Features and Utility as Compared to 2015 Pilot

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2016 Honda Pilot Features

2016 Honda Pilot Features Premium Upgrades, Advanced Technology

With the global debut of the 2016 Honda Pilot in February came the excitement of new features and added utility. The 2016 Honda Pilot features a refined front end, more premium features, and family-friendly utility options. Here’s a look at the 2016 Pilot in relation to the 2015 model in terms of features and utility.

2016 Honda Pilot Features

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2016 Honda Pilot Features for Exterior and Interior

The 2016 Honda Pilot has several optional upgrades on the exterior. There are now LED projector headlights with auto, high-beam technology and LED daytime running lights and taillights. The 2015 Pilot has multi-reflector halogen headlights and standard daytime running lights. The LED lights are said to be brighter than halogen lights. LEDs used in headlights and taillights are said to “improve the reaction time of other road users by around 30 percent,” according to CarAdvice. “On top of this, some bulb makers are claiming a life of up to 15,000 hours for their LED headlamps.” The 2016 Pilot will have optional 20-inch wheels. The 2015 Pilot EX trim level and above have 18-inch wheels.

In the interior there are some noticeable changes. Heated seats will also be available in the 2016 Pilot, but there is now the option of ventilated front seats and heated second row seats. The ventilated seats help keep the driver and front passenger cool by circulating cool air through the perforations in the leather. There will also be an optional heated steering wheel. Map lighting has been upgraded to incorporate LED lights and the moonroof is now a panoramic roof in the 2016 Pilot. On higher trim levels the second row shifts from three seats to two captain’s chairs. The two seats make getting into the third row easier. There is also the optional “one-touch, walk-in, second-row seat that slides and tilts to its forward-most position at the touch of a button.” Entryway room to the third row has increased by 2.5 inches. Other interior comparisons include:

2016 Honda Pilot Features

  • There are up to five USB ports in the 2016 Pilot, whereas the 2015 Pilot has one.
  • 2016 Pilot has an HDMI port for a gaming console, while the 2015 model has RCA inputs.
  • Both models have an auxiliary jack, 115-volt power outlet, and 12-volt power outlets.
  • Both models have an 8-inch touchscreen, however in the 2016 Pilot there is now an Android-based operating system.
  • Honda satellite-linked navigation is upgraded on the 2016 model to include 3-D rendering of buildings, terrain, and road signs. There is an improvement in lane guidance and a live search function.
  • The rear entertainment system on the 2016 Pilot has a 9-inch display, which is the same as in the 2015, however the DVD player now has Blu-Ray capability.

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The 2016 Pilot is 3 inches longer than the 2015 model and is able to hold an 82-quart cooler with the third row in use. The third row is still made up of 60/40 split seats. The front-row center console is now large enough to hold an iPad and its non-slip surface is great for keeping items nearby without them falling out of reach.

Call Fisher Honda in Boulder, Colo., at 303-245-6417 for updates and more information on the 2016 Honda Pilot. The 2016 Pilot will arrive in showrooms this summer! View our inventory of the 2014 and 2015 Honda Pilot.

2016 Honda Pilot Features