2016 Honda HR-V Review Roundup

May 21st, 2015 by


The Reviews are in on the Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is out and about and all the review sites  have been posting rave reviews about it. There was obviously a lot of hype leading to this release, as the subcompact crossover market is developing quickly. Just about every major automaker is represented in the market, with Honda being a relative latecomer. But, Honda used that extra time learn from the market and see what customers really  want from their compact utility vehicles, and installed some standout features in the new HRV.

Road and Track’s Honda HR-V Review

Road and Track says the HR-V has the “Best Honda interior in years” pointing out features like the magic seats in the rear akin to the well reviewed storage area in the Honda Fit, the plentiful soft touch materials in the cabin, the comfortable seats, and the overall configuration of the center console and amenities.


“As good-looking as the HR-V is on the outside (better than the compact CR-V and all-new mid-size Pilot, in our view), its interior represents an even bigger aesthetic transformation from the Fit. The fuel tank is still located under the front seats, which allowed Honda to retain the Fit’s justly famous rear Magic Seat, wherein the seat cushion flips up to create a big-and-tall cargo space. That aside, you can forget about the Fit’s Spartan trim. The HR-V has the best Honda cabin in a while, with soft-touch materials on the dash, armrests, and door panels; sculpted, comfortable seats; and an attractive, seamless relationship between the center stack and the center console. Overall fit and finish are superb. Every Honda should impart this sense of quality.”


Car and Driver’s Honda HR-V Review

Car and Driver saves the best for last in their review of the HR-V, stating that it has sublime handling not unlike a slightly larger version of the Volkswagen GTI. Given all of the attention and awards that the current generation of the VW GTI has received, this is a very flattering comparison.

“The HR-V’s ride height sits in the happy middle ground between lifeguard-chair visibility and carlike handling. Wider and stickier tires help the HR-V achieve 0.85 g of lateral grip on the skidpad, well above the Fit’s 0.78 g. On the road, the HR-V corners with a precision and balance that suggests the work was done by an engineer who cared more than the job required. That is, compared to a segment that allows wide latitude for body roll, understeer, and general chassis apathy, the HR-V feels like a Volkswagen GTI of sorts. This little Honda has mastered body control, whether you’re talking about handling or ride quality. It invokes some of the best Hondas, with ride quality that will be appreciated by the everyman and handling that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts. That’s why the HR-V, like the Fit, is one of the best Hondas on sale today.”

TopSpeed.com’s Honda HR-V Review

TopSpeed.com loves the coupe-like styling of the Honda HR-V, siting sporty aspects like the front end and fenders, hidden rear door handles, and defined body lines.

“Overall, the crossover looks solid and sporty. Its coupe-like roof is complemented by muscular front fenders, the upswept character line and the concealed rear door handles. Granted, the Honda HR-V is one of the better-looking crossovers of its class, although that’s not exactly a compliment considering its competitor list includes the Nissan Juke”

What do you think of the new Honda HR-V? Initial impressions on first drives from journalists and the general public have all been overwhelmingly positive. The HR-V is perfect for so many markets and has all of the features that are becoming more and more important  to customers like high utility value with a small footprint and great fuel economy. Let us know in the comments below.