New Honda Honda Engineers Are Dedicated to Keeping You Safe in a 2015 Honda Fit for Sale in Boulder near Denver

August 21st, 2014 by
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The 2015 Honda Fit is an IIHS “Top Pick”

Crash test ratings are something of a bittersweet subject; we don’t want to be reminded of the dangers associated with driving, but we do want to know how safe the cars we drive are. The reality is that even if you are the safest driver in the world, you can’t control other drivers who may not be, especially with all the distractions that are commonplace in our modern lives. Because of this, Honda takes crash test ratings very seriously, and you should too.

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety Small Overlap Frontal Test

IIHS small overlap Test

The Small Overlap Test

Because a frontal crash is the most dangerous type, the IIHS conducts several frontal crash tests. In 2012 they introduced the small overlap frontal test to drive further improvements in car safety. This test replicates a frontal collision where the front corner of a vehicle makes contact with another vehicle or object. Because car occupants are move forwards and to the side in a crash of this nature it is a very dangerous crash and challenging for automakers to excel at. When the IIHS conducts this test, the vehicles travel at 40 miles per hour towards a 5 foot tall rigid barrier, only 25% of the total width of the vehicle strikes the barrier. You can learn more about how the Insurance institute for Highway Safety conducts these tests here.

Testing the 2015 Honda Fit Against the Small Overlap Frontal Crash Test

2105 honda fit crash

The 215 Honda Fit Crash Test

Initially Honda engineers were disappointed when the 2015 Fit received a substandard grade on the IIHS small overlap frontal test. Honda engineers prepared the 2015 Fit for this test specifically to meet Honda’s rigorous safety expectations. However, even with these preparations, a steel bumper designed to absorb impact broke loose during the crash test allowing too much crash energy to be absorbed by the driver’s side of the vehicle. This was simply unacceptable for Honda

Improving the 2015 Honda Fit’s Crash test Rating

Honda did something unusual when it received a “marginal” rating on the small front overlap test. Even though the 2015 Fits were due to hit showrooms right away, Honda went into overdrive and reengineered the front bumper of the 2015 Fit. When Honda asked the IIHS to re-test the 2015 Fit, the score improved to “acceptable.” While that might not sound like the most encouraging rating, it brought the 2015 Fit’s overall safety rating up to a “Top Pick” by the IIHS. A “Top Safety Pick” overall title is the second highest rating that the IIHS awards, pretty spectacular for such a small vehicle.

Facebook AdFeel Safe in a 2015 Honda Fit from Fisher Honda

When making car purchase decisions many buyers consider safety, and small cars are often looked at with skepticism. Despite a tiny footprint, the 2015 Honda Fit has proven itself to be an incredibly safe vehicle. Check out our inventory of 2015 Honda Fit’s and drive away with the space and safety of a large vehicle, while enjoying the sport feel and fun of a small hatchback.