Accessories for your 2015 Honda Civic Sedan

December 26th, 2014 by

To further customize and add to the sporty look of your 2015 Honda Civic, take a look at Honda Civic accessories. From spoilers and body-side molding to all-season floor mats and a trunk tray, there are several ways to add functionality and additional style to your 2015 Honda Civic sedan.

Honda Civic Accessories for the Interior

Honda Civic accessories

There are several interior Honda Civic accessories that will add more of a stylish flair to your car or provide added functionality. Illuminated door sill trim showcases the Civic logo in a blue LED light, while also protecting the lower door sill from scruff marks. To add to the blue light of the door sill, there is blue, interior illumination that sets off the driver and passenger foot wells in blue light.

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You can add a cupholder to the rear doors. The cupholder insert provides enough room for a bottle, can, or cup, and also enough room for small items. A cargo hook and cargo net add more functionality to the trunk. The cargo hook neatly holds bags upright, as does the cargo net. The cargo net is also good for holding loose items so they don’t roll around the trunk. All-season floor mats and a trunk tray keep the Civic’s carpet free of spills and other things that might be tracked into the car. The all-season floor mats are designed to trap dirt and easily clean with mild soap and water. The trunk tray cleans just as easily and a protective lip adds even more protection to keep spills in the tray.

Exterior Honda Civic Accessories

Just like the interior, the exterior has accessories that further customize your Civic. The wing and decklid spoilers help give your Civic a sporty feel while making it more aerodynamic. The wing spoiler has a high-mount design, and even though there is added weight, heavy-duty springs help keep the trunk lid open when you’re accessing the rear cargo space. With the decklid spoiler you’ll also be able to use the trunk without having to worry that the extra weight from the spoiler will keep the trunk lid from staying up. The decklid spoiler sits lower than the wing spoiler, and is a sleek contribution to your Civic.

Body-side molding, door-edge guards, door-edge film, and a nose mask all add more layers of protection to your Civic. The body-side molding is placed on the doors where they extend out the most. This helps protect the door from dings, but it also adds a bit of style. Door-edge guards protect the edges of your Civic’s doors. These are color matched to the car’s exterior. The door-edge film works just like the door-edge guard, however it is a transparent, urethane film. The nose mask is a snug-fitting, vinyl cover that protects the front-end of your Civic from road debris. The multi-piece construction means you can open the car’s hood without having to undo the covering. The mask is resistant to mildew and comes with a storage bag.

Call Fisher Honda at 303-245-6417 to check Honda Civic accessories availability, have the accessories ordered if needed, and installed. Don’t own a 2015 Honda Civic? Check out other model years at the Honda eStore.