Accessories for the 2015 Honda Accord Sedan

December 5th, 2014 by

2015 honda accord accessories nose mask

Make your 2015 Honda Accord as unique as you are. There are several Honda Accord accessories available for the 9th generation Accord ranging from spoilers and back-up sensors to splash guard sets and chrome door trim. Whether for looks or utility, there are accessories suited for your needs.

Accessory Packages and Exterior Add-ons

Honda offers two accessory packages that give the Accord a sporty, low-profile look. The Aero Kit includes front, side, and rear under body spoilers. The X-Package comes with all of the same spoilers with an added sport grille and deck lid spoiler.

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Other exterior enhancements include a wing spoiler, body side molding, and door trim in chrome. The chrome door trim enhances the look of the Accord and pairs well the other chrome accents including the door handles and exhaust. The body-side molding adds to the Accord’s curves, but also helps to protect the doors against scratches and dings. A vinyl nose mask helps shield the front-end from rocks and road debris, while the rear bumper applique provides protection from scratches when loading and unloading the trunk. The splash guard set adds another layer of protection for your vehicle’s paint. Back-up sensors sound when the car is in reverse and an object is near. As the driver gets closer to the object, the sound emitted gets louder, making getting out of tight spots easier. Paired with the back-up camera, it will be even easier to parallel park.

Cargo Enhancements and Interior Honda Accord Accessories

The 2015 Honda Accord has 15.8 cubic feet of cargo room in the trunk, and more space can be added with the rear seats folded down. Adding a cargo net will help keep groceries or other loose items in place, and also help with organization especially when there are other large items being stowed. You could even keep your roadside emergency kit in the cargo net. The cargo hook is another way to keep groceries upright, and presets keep installation easy. The trunk tray makes clean up easy if something happens to spill and the textured surface keeps items from sliding around.

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The full range of 2015 Honda Accord accessories is on the Honda eStore. Don’t own a 2015 Accord? There are accessories available for other model years on the Honda eStore as well.

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