2015 Honda Accord Special Features

December 16th, 2014 by

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The 2015 Honda Accord is Loaded with Awesome Features!

The 2015 Honda Accord has a ton going on between its interior and exterior design and all of its special features. Here’s a quick overview of some of the stand out features on the 2015 Honda Accord.


Honda Multi-Angle Rearview Camera

The first thing to go over is the rear view camera. All 2015 Honda models feature a rear view camera, but Accord EX-L and Touring models feature a multi-angle rear view camera. This camera includes the standard wide angle rear view lens, as well as a narrow view lens and a close up view of what is directly behind your vehicle. These different views have really nice applications to different situations. The standard view is very handy for most situations, the close up view is nice for a tight parking space that you need to get into as best as possible. With all driving situations, the more views and information you can get, the better, and this camera is great for that.

Honda Lane Departure Warning

The Honda Accord EX-L and Touring also feature the Honda Lane Departure Warning system. What this system does is monitor the lane marking around your vehicle with cameras while driving. If you leave your lane without using an indicator, the system will alert you with a beep to make sure the lane departure was intentional. There are way too many distractions in the world today while driving, the Honda Lane Departure Warning system is a great aid to help you monitor your driving and make you a better driver without any extra effort.

Honda LaneWatch

IMG_2364Honda Accords that are the EX trim level or above feature Honda LaneWatch. Honda LaneWatch is a system that uses a camera mounted on the passenger side mirror to give you a better view of your blind spot on the passenger side of the car. When you turn on your right turn signal, the camera is activated and the view is displayed on the screen on the dashboard of the vehicle. This is another handy way to get a better view of the surroundings of your vehicle. A quick glance over your shoulder before merging lanes is great, but sometimes you could miss something and that’s where this camera comes in. These innovations don’t replace good driving habits, but they do help minimize the risk of everyday driving alongside proper driving skills.

Honda Forward Collision WarningIMG_2362

Honda Accord EX-L and Touring models also feature a Forward Collision Warning system. A sensor mounted on the front of the vehicle uses radar to detect if  there is another vehicle or other object too close to the front of your vehicle and a collision is possible. The system will warn you with both an audio and a visual alert. This is a feature that is just in case of emergencies and you may never even interact with the system, but if it prevents even a handful of accidents and injuries then it is a worthwhile expenditure.

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