The 2014 Honda NSX is Sure to Excite Colorado Drivers!

January 18th, 2012 by

Fisher Honda in Colorado Announces the Innovative 2014 Honda NSX

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Have you been looking for a reliable Honda dealer in Colorado that can offer you quality customer service and buyer satisfaction? Look no further than Fisher Honda. We are a family-owned business that’s been selling cars to Colorado residents since 1968. We understand the importance of offering our customers quality in every aspect of our business. This is one of the reasons why we choose to sell Honda vehicles. Honda cars are reknowned for their quality design, excellent performance, and their high resale value. We are proud to offer Honda vehicles because we believe that as a customer, you deserve the best.

The 2014 Honda NSX is Being Compared to the Ferrari 328

Speaking of the best in quality, we’d like to announce to our customers a vehicle that would be of high interest to drivers who love sports cars and can appreciate the engineering behind one of the fastest cars ever created. We are talking about the 2014 Honda NSX. You see, Honda doesn’t just make the Civic, the Accord, and functional crossovers like the CR-V. Honda has created a powerful sports vehicle that has been compared with the Italian automotive legend the Ferrari 328, and we are proud to provide area drivers with the latest information at our central Colorado Honda dealership.

The 2014 Honda NSX was designed to be both fuel efficient and sporty. It’s expected to be powered by a 3.5L V6 engine coupled with an electric motor, the combined efforts of which will still be able to generate a powerful 400 hp! The concept was inspired by the Acura roadster, and you’ll also be able to find a stylized version of this new NSX model in the upcoming Avengers movie.

The body of the 2014 NSX will be composed of carbon fiber panels and an all-aluminum unit body frame. It also rumored that it will come in both AWD and FWD editions. In fact, the FWD version of the NSX has been known to clock 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds on the test track. While no official pricing has been announced, sports car lovers and collectors can expect the 2014 Honda NSX to sell for a starting price of around $150,000.

Be the First to Test Drive the 2014 NSX

If you want more information about the stunning new 2014 Honda NSX concept vehicle, stay in contact with one of our sales representatives. Our skilled and knowledgeable experts are more than happy to answer your questions and stand ready to assist you in finding the perfect Honda vehicle for your needs and budget. Visit our website for more information.

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