CPO Honda vs. CPO Mazda

If you’re in the market for a new car, starting with our Certified Pre-Owned Honda models puts you on the right track, but you might be wondering about competing Certified Pre-Owned programs. We want to make sure you know that Honda offers one of the best CPO programs in the business; just take a look at how Mazda’s CPO benefits and certification process compare to Honda’s.

As you’ll see for yourself, Mazda’s Certified Pre-owned Program is much less generous than what Honda offers:

  • Inspection Process: Honda has one of the most comprehensive inspection processes, inspecting and reconditioning 182 different elements of each Honda before it can be branded a CPO vehicle. The Mazda program only covers 150 points.
  • Transferable Warranty: A CPO Mazda vehicle protects you with its warranty, but what happens if you decide you want to sell your Mazda and it still has time left on the warranty? Well, then it becomes a regular old used car. Honda’s standard and extended CPO warranties are transferable, letting you transfer that peace of mind to a new driver if you decide to sell your car.

While both vehicles go toe-to-toe on warranty terms and many other benefits, we think these two points provide a pretty strong case for choosing the Honda program over the Mazda one.


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