How to Use Your 2015 Honda CR-V Bluetooth System

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How to Use Bluetooth in Your 2015 Honda CR-V

You’ve probably heard of Bluetooth before; it’s the shortwave radio signal that connects smartphones to accessories. Your CR-V is about the biggest “accessory” your phone can have, and once they are “paired,” you’ll be able to make phone calls and stream audio straight from your phone and through your CR-V.

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry; we have some quick tutorials on the most common Bluetooth operations:

Pair Your Phone: Pairing your smartphone to your 2015 Honda CR-V Bluetooth should take no time at all, and once it’s paired, you’ll always be synced, no need to re-pair.

Stream Audio: Leave the CDs at home and abandon the radio, you can stream audio straight from your smartphone – either from files on your phone or a streaming service like Pandora – just change the audio source to “Bluetooth.”

Answer a Phone Call: Your CR-V has a built-in microphone that lets you talk and drive, and your call can be heard loud and clear through the in-vehicle stereo system. Answering the phone takes just a push of a button.

Make a Phone Call: If you need to make a call while you’re behind the wheel, you don’t even need to get your phone out. Just look up your contacts through the CR-V touchscreen interface, tap one, and let it ring.

Unpair Your Phone: If you have a new phone or are experiencing technical difficulties, you might need to unpair your phone from the 2015 Honda CR-V Bluetooth connection, and it’s just as easy as your other Bluetooth operations.


Any Other Questions?

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