Stream Aha Radio from Harmon via Bluetooth in your 2013 Honda

Stream Aha Radio from Harmon via Bluetooth

Detailed instructions for streaming Aha Radio through the HondaLink system via Bluetooth in your Honda Accord, Crosstour, Pilot or Oddysey via Bluetooth.

  1. Aha radio from Harmon is based around the HondaLink app for your mobile phone. Before getting in the car, you can add different stations or channels through your mobile device. These stations include music, news, podcasts, and there are even social media functions that will pull the latest headlines from your twitter and facebook accounts so that you can keep up with your friends while on the road.
  2. Before you get into your vehicle, make sure that you have the HondaLink app installed on your iPhone or Android device, that you are logged in and that you have selected a number of stations and channels inside the HondaLink app.
  3. Make sure that your phone is connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth. If you need help doing this, click the link at the bottom of your screen for a video guide.
  4. Tap the “Source” option at the top of the touch screen, scroll to the second page and select the “Aha Radio” app.
  5. When you select the app, a popup will appear on your phone asking if you would like to connect to HondaLink. Approve the connection and your phone will begin communicating with your vehicle.
  6. Tap the “Stations” option.
  7. Here you can see the stations you previously set up through the app on your phone. This will look different depending on the stations you chose.
  8. Here you can see the stations I preselected, and they include Comedy, NPR, Twitter, Facebook and Today’s Radio Hits.
  9. Let’s start with “Todays Hits”. This station will play the top hits from the radio, streamed through your phone’s data connection to your vehicles sound system.
  10. The comedy station and NPR work in a similar fashion, providing you with your choice of information when you want it.
  11. Keep in mind that this function uses the data plan associated with your mobile device. Many data plans are limited, so keep an eye on your data usage to avoid overage charges from your wireless carrier.
  12. For your safety, remember to never operate any of these functions while the vehicle is in motion.